The Five Gates:Edit

Sailsbury, EnglandEdit

  • The Salisbury Anomaly, an area 6 miles wide is encompassed in fog that causes interference with most technology.
  • Locations
    • Stonehenge - Last seen with a great wide hole in the centre where the alter used to be
    • The Free City of Sailsbury - In the last official visit, this area had been Issolated for 84 years (Relative to themselves) the city has rebuilt its walls and armed its citizens
  • Outsiders:
    • The Lady Bound in Rowan and Red Thread (A complete unknown, bound in a hidden chamber beneath Stone Henge, freed by James Swain)
    • The Princess - Shunned from the Queens court, she planned to help assassinate the queen and take her place. She has not been seen since Sailsbury, but is believed to have escaped into the real world after having left behind a few taunting notes.
    • The Steward - An elderly looking man with a penchant for eating things of emotional value to their owners, he controlled the Queens Court.
    • The Queen of Broken Stars - The unquestioned ruler of a vast (illusionary) fairy castle near Stonehenge. Believed killed after being attacked by Matthew Levec.

Giza, EgyptEdit

  • - A place of plague and stagnation. There are a number of ancient diseases that infect anybody in the area. The entire Giza/Cairo sprawl West of the river has been evacuated and placed under a strict quaranteen.
    • Locations
      • The Great Pyramid of Giza - The pyramid its self had a strong draining effect on any who touched it and machines that drew too close. The pyramid its self has had a plane crashed into its side which opened up a long-sealed chamber.
    • Outsiders
      • The Emtombed One - A decayed being sealed away in a tomb.about which nothing is known.
    • Human/Nova Inhabitents

Mount Kailash, Tibet/ChinaEdit

  • Locations
    • Lhasa - The capital city of the newly liberated Tibet
    • Lhara - A nearby villiage at the foot of Mount Mailash
  • Outsiders
    • None Known
  • Human/Nova Inhabitants
    • The Monk (Tenzin Palden) - A female monk, The Liberator of Tibet
    • The Ambassador (Karma Choden) - A former tour guide educated in America who serves as the Monk's voice.

Mexico City, MexicoEdit

  • Locations
    • Mexico City Centre
    • The American Embassy
  • Outsiders
    • Mr Black (Head Consol)
    • Ms Red (Former administrator for the American Embassy, currently in London)

Unknown location deep in the Brazilian RainforestEdit

  • Locations
    • The Temple in the Green
  • Outsiders
    • The Woman encircled in Salt

UTOPIA facilitiesEdit

  • Addis Ababa - UTOPIA's new state of the art facility being errected in Ethiopia's capital

Addis Ababa's Martin Rashound Centre

  • London Docklands - The Isle of Dogs base - A temporary base of opperations for the team, soon to be converted into a Rashound Centre.

    Rear view of Addis Ababas Rashound Centre

Other Rashound Centres:Edit

(Still under construction)

  • New York, United States
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Geneva Switzerland
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Tokyo, Japan (Who already have their own competing facilities and two NOVAs)
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Dehli, India
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