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Nasreem Kadisha

Born January 7th 2006 to Hudhafa (father) and Amelia (mother) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. They were

not a wealthy family but with her father working in Oil they had anything they needed. Her older

brother (Mohammed) seemed to get all the good stuff in her opinion, he could go where he liked,

do what he liked as long as he went to service with father. She was more restricted both in how

she dressed, acted spoke they were all held to high propriety. She was locked in the bathroom for

a couple of days for going out to the market on her own without male escort truth be told she was

not killed by the police like they would have a century ago. She was given the lashing a few times for

being vocal in public but otherwise was not abused more than normal.

When she was 8 was given a cellphone for her birthday and told online you are free to speak your

mind but otherwise society requires strict obedience and conformity in order to survive. She got

a large following online and would sometimes just live her evening after her homework was done

through her Twitter and Facebook and many other online clubs. It was hard for her to believe

that with such a large number of people so anti-establishment online that life would still be in the


She was a great student in school and was a tutor for other girls. As boys were segregated from

the girls and girls knew that learning was a hard fought right they didn’t have the bullying that was

common in other schools. It was not till the later years when hormones started getting in the way

of the peaceful friendship/camaraderie of the girls side of the school. It was important to catch the

eye of a boy you liked but heaven forbid if you did more than that or it was a boy another girl was

interested in. Despite the visual show of propriety and innocence of the street, online teenagers

were about as innocent as Americans.

Living in the city meant that she could see the duality it was not common for tourists but

occasionally a visiting organization would come through and that wasn’t unusual as business men

dressed in suits here as well, what was different was seeing the rare female. They were to cover

their head but otherwise could wear pants and be out on their own without male escort. If a female

even a tourist were to not cover her head she would get stopped by the police and told to cover her


It was when a journalist crew visited the school that see started dreaming of journalism as the

cameraman was a woman. Her name was Kay and she was an equal in the team of four not someone

who just followed behind like a woman quietly should. Nasreem wanted that for herself and was

really hoping for graduating and moving on with education to be the best world class journalist. Her

father had other plans for her after graduation there was not going to be university like her brother

she was going to be married. Arguing it only got her a lashing, so she planned her escape. After

school was out she would escape in the night wearing her brother’s clothes and taking his passport.

They didn’t look that different from each other. Far from identical twins but passport photos didn’t

ever look like the person who owned them.

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