Notes on Extra credit project Alpha – Edit

Test one:Edit

I made a large sample of 1.23cm diameter and 28.4 meters long, out of a stage rope. Purity seemed perfect and took little effort. Tension tests are invalid as the devices available were unable to break it so more testing is required. Down side is that it disappeared back to a rope after only three hours making the test invalid. 

Test two:Edit

I know that I can create the substance but need to find out if I can make my powers permanent. I took the plastic cup from my takeout and thought about what I would really want to have as a cup, I remembered turning a thrown into diamond and what better substance could there really be. This time while slowly manipulating the atoms to be Carbon and form them into a cubic structure I wished it to be permanent.  Result is a diamond glass, smooth on the outside but angled on the inside to refract the light into its various wavelengths. I have to give myself a pat on the back on this as it is fabulous. I am putting flowers in it on the pretence of brightening up the otherwise bland room, makes it seem like just a crystal/glass vase. The one small object seemed to take longer to form and require more concentrated effort than the usual instant response that I get from using my powers.

So far it has been a full 24 hours and the once plastic cup is still a vase. Structure has held true.

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