The First Five:Edit

Two others gained great power as well, but one has not made themselves known and the other briefly made an appearance before disappearing.

  • Carlos Escarra - Capable of warping space to create portals, reading and controlling minds and communicating over vast distances, Carlos seems like a fairly happy go lucky Mexican.
  • "The Monk" - Little is known about this individual who appears to fight for the independence of Tibet from Chinese rule. (see Below under the Independent Tibet faction)

Project INSPIRE members:Edit

  • Matthew Levec
  • Nasreen Kadisha
  • James Swain
  • Ernesto Cicadia - A construction worker in Venezuela who fell from a new skyscraper. He claims that as he fell he felt a presence upon him and he gained the ability to fly with a thought.
  • Mary Jacques - A Healer from the South of France and a devout Catholic. She claims that her miraculous powers were bestowed upon her by God via one of his holy angels. She was the night nurse in an A&E ward in Southern France, On the night she gained her powers, there was a fire at a nearby chemical plant and hundreds of people swamped the ward. Mary was seen fleeing the ward and returned a few minutes later healing with a touch.

Those who Answered Matthews CallEdit

These people have tentatively contacted INSPIRE, but have not yet comitted to membership.


  • John Nguyen - A Librarian in Kenya. After a terrorist attack on the Kenyatta University Library in Kenya where he worked he plugged himself dirrectly into the university security network and gained cyberkinesis and the ability to boost his intelect to inhuman levels as well as an encyclopedic knowledge of almost any subject.
  • Maria Reikhart - A German physicist who was snowboarding in the mountains around CERN developed gravity manipulation abilities following an avalanch.
  • Andrew Kim - A South Korean parachutist who developed flight and super-speed after becoming dangerously entangled in his parachute.
  • Anna Varga - A Slovakian woman who lost both of her arms when a gas explosion collapsed her house. She rescued her children using powerful telekinesis that developed as a result, but even Nova powers have failed to give her back the use of her original arms.
  • Filippa Yakovlev - A Female Russian Soldier posted on the boarder of Ajerbaijan, she developed extra sensory perception that allowed her to thwart an ambush against her unit and see events happening half way around the world.
  • Bruce Jacobs - A male Australian accountant who developed the ability to grow into a 9 foot tall muscled jugernaught after being attacked on a beach.
  • Mirriam Nickson - A formerly male, now female police officer who developed the ability to turn into living fog as a result of being assaulted by a former lover.
  • Nikolaj Lemche - A nova from the Netherlands with the power to control the weather, Nikolaj caused some trouble when he erupted. a website designer, he was ill-prepared For his powers,which appeared when he became lost in a snowstorm on a camping trip. Nikolaj’s lack of meteorological skill resulted in some serious weather-related blunders, including a record heat wave (and some flash flooding) in Norway in the last week.
  • Rakesh Narayan Joshi (Indian) - A taxi driver, who after a large overdose of recreational drugs, he danced between life and death and stumbled out to a public garden, where his body was restored with the side-effect of turning his skin bright green and giving him enhanced strength and vitality when in dirrect sunlight as well as a natural perfume that can influence those around him.
  • Iraida Bazarova (Russian) - A hunter who was stranded after his car broke down in the middle of nowhere, he survived for days with few supplies. He has the ability to change into any creature or person whose blood he first tastes.
  • Emanuel Bogoda (The Ivory Coast) - In the aftermath of an Earthquake he was trapped under a fallen building and errupted with the ability to manipulate earth and rock and swim through Earth without needing to breathe.
  • François Luambo Makiadi (Democratic Republic of Congo) - A ranger in Garamba National Park charged with keeping the wildlife there safe from poachers and militants, he gained the ability to summon and command plants and animals when his area came under attack by a faction of the LRA.
  • Khaled Mardam-Bey (Palestine) - When making a defiant peaceful stand against Israeli troops, this older man shone with an incredible light, which he can now manipulate at will to dazzle or create illusions.
  • Giora Leshem (Israel) - A bus driver who was saved from a Palestinian Rocket strike by suddently developing powers over magnetism.
  • Sahib Singh Verma (Indian) - An anti-rape protestor in India, she came under attack by a gang of teenagers, and was dragged off into an alleyway. She found herself with an extra pair of arms and blue skin and the ability to cause things to break down and decay which saved her.
  • Krisse Salminen (Finland) - She tried to commit suicide by diving into a frozen river after a messy divorce but instead found herself falling onto her sofa at home. Her newly found abilities to teleport and turn invisible have given her a new lease on life.. 
  • Daniel Dieter (USA) - Martin made a big splash when he bought his girlfriend up to the ISS to show off his new powers, bringing with him a case of beers. He answered James Swain's appeal and turned up, and with James' help, got himself an agent. Now he's looking to work with NASA doing what he loves, exploring space.


  • Aisha Rateb - A conservative Muslim woman found in the ruins of Giza, she came home in the wake of the crash of flight 117 just as the quarantine was being announced to discover her husband in bed with another younger woman. Her husband appeared to have been irrevocably turned to salt. She is currently being held in Egypt, on charges of murder and receiving legal assistance from UTOPIA.
  • Leanne "Cherry Pie" Longo - An over-enthusiastic orphaned 11 year old girl from Buenos Aires, Argentina, with bright red hair and green eyes. Her erruption came when she escaped her carers and was exploring an abandoned building, which was in a state of decay. She disturbed the building and it began to collapse on her, causing her to erupt in the process giving her inhuman speed, super-human agility and incredible luck. Too young to legally be a member at this time. 
  • Issac Maxwell - He was arrested and convicted of armed robbery and attempted homicide in Florida, On his first night in a high security prison he endured a beating at the hands of one of the prisons many gangs. His erruption put four people in the hospital and destroyed several of the facilities walls allowing for a small escape.

Independent Tibet:Edit

  • Tenzin Palden ("The Monk" or "The Liberator"): A female monk, The Liberator of Tibet. Errupted either whilst circumnavigating Mount Kailash or when self-immolating to protest Chinese rule. Little is known of her powers, but some control over fire, super-speed and flight are commonly presumed.
  • Karma Choden ("The Ambassador"): A former tour guide educated in America who serves as the Monk's voice in English speaking nations. Blind since her erruption she compensates with other heightened senses and the assistance of her two guides (A traditional monk and a man assumed to be a bodyguard and aide.) She has powers of Emotional Manipulation.

Team Nippontai:Edit

To the general embarasement of the rest of the world's Nova population, the Japanese government were quick to take inspiration from Japanese manga and American comics and are training their three (That's quite a lot compared to other countries) Novas in crime fighting and emergency rescue. All three are now employed by the state and have use of a state of the art tilt-rotor plane for transport. They wear matching white bodysuits with a red dot in the chest (in case anybody forgot that they were Japanese and needed a reminder) as a uniform. There are rumours of an upcoming reality TV show, merchandising and film adaptation already in the works. The manga came out within 72 hours of the government announcement.

  • Asahi (“Rising Sun”): Ryu Okano erupted during a martial-arts competition, badly injuring his opponent when his hands burst into flames. He immediately came to the attention of the government, and it offered to train him in the use of his abilities.Asahi is very strong and fast and capable of projecting superheated plasma from his hands and eyes.
  • Tenshi (“Angel”): Fujiko Kono tried to leap to her death in Tokyo to escape from a loveless marriage. Instead, she erupted and gained fiery wings and the power to fly at supersonic speed.
  • Michiko Kasai ("Naginata") She was known as one of the finest students of the naginata (Japanese sword-spear). During an exhibition, she struck a mislaid power cable and was nearly electrocuted, but instead, she erupted and gained the abilities to absorb and control electricity, to channel it through her chosen weapon and move with great speed and grace.


  • The Assassain - An unknown man of apparently medeterenian descent, who blew up the stage where the team were about to give their big speech and shot at them. When captured he seemed to disintegrate, promising that he would see them again.
  • The American Shadow - Another unknown individual who used his powers to breach a secure military weapons cache in Austin, Texas. Witnesses described him as being made from "Living shadow". 

Nova Demographic Estimates:Edit

Report compiled based off of newspaper and internet reports of Nova activities weighted for reliability of the sources, I am confident that the worlds current Human Nova population is over 100 and is growing rapidly. The existence of Outsiders such as Mr Black and the Princess may distort these figures as we do not know how common these beings are and are on the surface indistinguishable from Novas.

Breakdown by continent:Edit

North America -

  • Very few Novas have come forward from North America and corporate interests are recruiting heavily here. (Estimated 3-5 unreported Novas)
  • Known Novas (4): Matthew Levec, Carlos Escara, Issac Maxwell, The American Shadow

South America -

  • There appear to be high numbers of reported Nova sightings here, but it is difficult to tell how many there are here. As with North America, few have contacted UTOPIA  (Estimated 3-20 unreported Novas)
  • Known Novas (2): Ernesto Cicadia, Leanna "Cherry Pie" Longo

Europe/Scandanavia -

  • There is a lot of enthusiasm for Project UTOPIA here, but relatively few Novas, most of whom have come forward already.  (Estimated 2-4 unreported Novas)
  • Known Novas (7): James Swain, Mary Jacques, Maria Reikhart, Mirriam Nickson, Nikolaj Lemche, Krisse Salminen, The Assassain

Africa -

  • There are some Novas here, but currently they are largely affiliated with their own nations, religions and ethnic groups and are unlikely to join UTOPIA. (Estimated 3-9 unreported Novas, most of whom errupted due to conflicts in the region)
  • Known Novas (7): Nasreen Kadisha, John Nguyen, Emmanuel Bogoda, Francois Luambo Makiadi, Khaled Mardam-Bey, Giora Leshem, Aisha Rateb, 

Asia -

  • Asia is believe to have dozens of unreported Novas spread primarily throughout Russia, China, Japan and India, not coincidentally these are also the most densely populated areas on Earth (Estimated 30-70 unreported Novas, mostly in India and China where they are most concentrated in Tibet) 
  • Known Novas  (11): Tenzin Palden "The Monk/The Liberator", Karma Choden "The Ambassador", Andrew Kim, Rakesh Narayan Joshi, Sahib Singh Verma, Anna Varga, Filippa Yakovlev, Iraida Bazarova. Asahi, Tenshi, Michiko Kasai

Oceania -

  • Nova reports in Oceania are very low. It is possible that Mr Jacobs is the only one or that there may be one or two others (Estimated 0-2 unreported Novas)
  • Known Novas (1): Bruce Jacobs, 
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