Other normal people:Edit

  • John Swallow - An archeologist that went missing on the night that James Swain was empowered.
  • James's film crew - Also went missing around Stone Henge
  • James's new film crew (Maria and Bob)
  • Elizabeth Jade - PA to the CEO of ITV
  • Peter Guiness - Head of the physics department at the University College London (UCL) - A cheerful if absent-minded man in his early thirties.
  • Agent Cavenagh - Senior Investigator in the RCMP who serves under the High Comissioner Gordon Campbell
  • HRH Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf Al Saud (The Saudi Ambassador, who usually sends his aides)
  • UK Prime Minister Felix Taylor (Labour)
  • Liz Tai - Nasreen's annoying roommate
  • Athena DeVries - Head of the De Vries Recruitment corporation.
  • Special Agent Bound - Head of the investigation into the Jailbreaks in the US.
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