The Monster:Edit

I remember walking into town with the dusty air swirling around me, my clothes dirty and torn with blood. I was so tired from fear I felt numbed people looked at me strange like I was carrying a bomb. I was and I didn’t know how.

After the plane crashed I got up to hearing voices calling to me beaconing me everyone around me was dead but moving impossibly for their injuries to allow. No-one was coming to save me for long I wept and cried out to the sound of my own echoing voice breaking through the ethereal whispers in my ears. I was hungry and tired and like a zombie my willpower was removed till I was obeying their call.


He scarred my soul like a vile demon he changed me. I fought my way out through the dead like a demon myself lashing out at them, ripping their heads from their bodies and just kept running.

Carlos found me in the police station speaking in my mind like a ray of hope and reason in the mess that my life had become since leaving home. I no-longer knew who I was or recognized myself in the mirror, I was hideous. So hideous I walked out of the police station I was currently being held in to meet up with Carlos, James and Matthew. Through them I felt camaraderie that you get when people of similar experiences come together. Carlos:

While I don’t know him much, he disappeared the morning after meeting him while we were in England staying at a hotel. He is from Mexico City and has the ability to Portal himself around much like the video game but over greater distances. He has a sharp mind and seemed to take the whole thing about the super powers quiet calmly.  Matthew:

You’re typical Canadian-a, from Montreal. He is like a dream girls rebel, hansom, and plays guitar, athletic and overall a nice guy. He sees me like a little sister which is fine now is not the time for romance or thinking of romance, plus there is too much different between us. He has the ability to change into animals as well as heal; it is from using his ability that I learned that he also has a high standard of morality. I still don’t know what happened in that fight whether it was like they said “fairies did it” or if what happened to us turned us to indiscriminate killing machines. We were supposed to go in and find out about what happened to the people living near Stonehenge and we were much unprepared for the experience and not all of the team came back alive. For our efforts we may have brought a monster from the time flux of the area to Greater London. He is in hospital now for helping to take out a drug cartel and the only reason he came was because I was going. I don’t think I could live if he dies from protecting me. James:

He is an Englishman but far from the Dickens England as you can be and more of a Dr. Who. Not sure if he is wired right, he didn’t believe what was happening was true to the point where he waltz into a police station with a camera man to get me on video then stand there armed with bombs. He has the power to create illusions and augment time; he can also make people do things against their will with a few words. It is hard to imagine that he is a famous television celebrity but for his eccentric nature he has a mind for business and success. He was the one that got me the offer to use my powers for good and get a bucket load of money in return. We were there to help the police take down a drug trafficking shipment from South America. They were very well gunned and we may lose Matthew because of the charade.  There is much I can learn from him and much I hope to not pickup. No matter what he does he makes sure to look good while doing it.

So here I sit in my dorm in the University of London and this is the start of my Saga. 

The SagaEdit

My Course list

Term 1 Term 2
Biology Calculus
Chemistry Computers
Physics Drama
Modern Politics English Literature
Philosophy and Ethics Intro to Engineering

The week that Matthew was unconscious took a lot of work. I stayed at the dorm as much as I could
but Liz Tai my roommate is insufferable. I would love to tell her who I really am and rub it in her face
but to her I am boring Grace Simpson. Not an original name but that is what I was given with my new
identity documents.

I spent many evenings in the hospital with Matthew waiting for him to wake up. I made sure that
his parents came and got to know them a bit and they are a nice couple who I can’t believe how
Matthew had a falling out with them. James was always on TV during the week he would come
out to the hospital in the evening camera man in toe. Matthew’s parents are so likeable Gay has a
presence about him that radiates authority but if you look in his eyes while he looks at his son you
can see the love and pain. His mom is so sweet it is hard to imagine what caused a rift between

An exciting thing happened when Matthew woke up he healed himself fully like nothing had
happened. It was incredible but even more incredible it turned out was that he could heal other

Having a copy of the disease in Cairo we got permission to use the class two lab and injected a rat
with the disease. Other things of interesting nature was the cell structure sample that was sealed
in a slide but looking at it through the microscope you could see that none of the cells had started
decaying like the subject we took the samples from obviously was. It was a prank from James that
ended the experiment, his illusion that the mouse grew pustules, seizure then speak that had the
professor pull the switch on the experiment and decimate the whole lot. How do I forgive him for
such a thing he is supposedly a smart man but frankly he’s an idiot.

After that mess we went to Cairo to see first-hand what was going on there and to my surprise it
was getting worse with the government bombing the area inside their wall. I have to do something
to stop this but the horror didn’t stop the sick were dying in a slow painful way. Maria who had
developed powers of healing was there healing as many as she could, Matt and I spent a few days in
quarantine to cure one of the more advanced cases. It took a lot out of him but the guy got better.
He was just a patrol man out doing his duty and got bit by the undead. Such a horrifying thought
there must be a way of undoing what I did.

Walking free of the quarantine tent finally I was faced with a wave of realization; I was the one
who started this I would be the one to end it. No one was going to be hurt anymore by this
atrocity to life. If I am such an atrocity then I should perish with the ending of this disaster and it’s

In the end I relented, Matt and James insisted on not leaving me to be there on my own. There
was also the HEART squad, well equipped and trained but really the more that came the more I was
responsible to see them also make it back out.

Well made it out drained and glad that no-one was seriously hurt. We found survivors in a small
mosque who didn’t want to come out. I was going to let them stay if that is what they wanted
because if I was successful then they wouldn’t need fear the dangers outside the mosque. The leader
of the group has the ability to turn people into salt. Which I have since learned is why she is to be
tried for the murder of her husband who she found that original day cheating on her with another

Back to the main point of this which is that, I Failed! Matt and got into the tomb and if it wasn’t for
him I would be still in there entombed by the force that I came to stop. The corpse that I had felt
touch my face was not there. But I closed the coffin with the help of Matt and we got out of there.
James got us a rescue as we had no way of protecting ourselves back to the quarantine line, it took
everything we had the tomb just drains life and energy from you. I didn’t change anything other than
the twister surrounding the pyramid now had a break in the bottom to allow us out again nothing
had changed. All I accomplished was to make the spirit angrier with me. One thing is for certain; to
correct this problem in the world it will take a lot more than just us.

Over a board game we talked about it and the greater purpose that needs to go beyond just these
anomalies. Pandemic did seem to be a fitting game for the discussion, but basically we need to fix

a lot in the world and be a task force for good. It was over the next 24 hours that we broadened
and explained the details of what that was. First thing was to organize and we needed to organize
under a single banner. Which what better international banner was there then the UN, it has the
infrastructure and a good start in the funding to make it work. After we get rolling the many private
and public assistance we can do to bring in further financing for the organization will keep us
independent enough from the UN that we can hold to our own regulatory legislation. As I fly back to
London I can’t help but think that I am more grown up and ready for all this then I previously knew.

Apparently I have some exams to write that I was supposed to take before classes started but
because of being in Salisbury for so long didn’t get to write them. The next step is to get the word
out that Team-INSPIRE are recruiting all new specialized NOVAs to the cause of making the world a
better place. On the second thought I need to work on how I am going to live a double life and make
sure priorities don’t get lost on either side.

A bomber in the news conference – REALLY! I know I pissed off the Spirit held in Giza but to come
so far to attempt to get rid of Matt and I was going too far. I am not going to be able to power down
and look normal now for the chance that it could happen again. If it does I can protect myself but
what of others. Is this a mistake or is it so right that evil is going to extreme measures to stop us. He
didn’t leave a trace and disappeared in thin air if it wasn’t for the CCTV we would have had a hard
time proving he existed. The cops think it is “the Shadow” that did some major robberies in southern
US states. I think it is something else entirely but until I have proof it is just my imagination giving me
hunches that can’t be proven.


I have gotten more use to studying while dealing with UTOPIA events. There was a parade of people who first off was the new nova from Tibet who is blind from looking at the mountain. She seemed really nice and James took an instant liking to her. We decided to finally go ahead with the interview and it went really well it was like everyone was sedated. Debating on what to do and who the bomber was we were visited by someone from Mexico? Now this sound’s silly, more so then it looks and he looks like your typical demon, red skin horns the whole package. The knowledge that he had on maths and theoretical physics was astounding. More to the point it appears that our eruption sites (Brazil, England, Egypt, Tibet, Mexico) are all portals to other dimensions;

Brazil = Life

Egypt = Death

Tibet = Energy

Mexico = Space

England = Time 

So apparently everyone in Mexico is still alive albeit not doing well and in desperate need of supplies as the other dimension lacks the sustenance/food required for our survival. No problem, Mr Brown will sort it out and pop we are in Mexico where the demons have moved the US Embassy back across the realms. I don’t know what was in me that night, all the mind manipulating beings I have been hanging out with are getting to me. I pulled down a Leutenants pants and accepted a sensuous back massage from a demon. It makes no sense. Thankfully I am back in the dorm and playing dumb with my roommate makes her like me.

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