Session 9 - News after meeting Mr BlackEdit

  • China - Suspected Nova killed in riot in Beijing amid high anti-Nova sentiment. However little information is available.
  • USA - Nova Registration act passes in the US senate amid new emergency legislation to prevent criminal acts by Novas.
  • USA - Stocks in Virgin Galactic plummet amid news of a Nova and an unidentified woman visiting the ISS.
  • Norway - The region has been hit by record heat-wave which has caused millions in flooding.
  • Mexico - The provisional government has accepted American assistance in attempting to rescue the citizens of Mexico city.
  • Mexico - The nation remains in a state of emergency as the majority of the Mexican congress remain missing following the disappearance of Mexico City.
  • Japan - Team Nipontai, a "Superhero" team of Novas dedicated to crime fighting and disaster management has been unveiled today.
  • Brazil - Government calls in Army Reserves to bolster security amid reports of increased criminal activity.
  • Egypt - A Criminal trial is due to begin on charges of a wife murdering her husband with Nova powers. Turning him and his mistress to a pillar of salt. UTOPIA are providing legal assistance in the matter, despite arguments that this is a purely Egyptian crime. Tensions are high as many in Egypt hold Novas responsible for the plague and devestation to the Giza area.
  • North Korea - The Government of North Korea has announced that a newly errupted Nova has joined the Army and will lead the Korean people to victory.
  • Global - Several notable organisations have begun to actively head-hunt newly errupted Novas. Including the World Wrestling Entertainment company, The Private security firm Academe, Specialist recruitment agency De Vries, The European Space Agency, NASA, CERN, Google, Inter Planetary Resources and several others. Unconfirmed rumours suggest that criminal and terrorist organisations are also seeking Nova talent. Branches of the American and Italian Mafia, Yakuza, Triads and the Mendelen Cartel
  • UK - AnonLeaks has stated that it will later this week be releasing details of recent UTOPIA opperations and urged those involved to come clean before they force the issue.
  • USA - 6 Death Row Inmates from different prisons in the USA vanish from inside maximum security prison cells all within an hour of each other.

Session 8 - News before the assasination attempt at Matthew's speech.Edit

  • Brazil - civil unrest strikes Rio and Brazillia, Drug cartels suspected of fermenting revolt.
  • Vatican City - Pope issues Papal Bull defining Aberrants as being human beings with souls.
  • England - Unknown group breached Sailsbury cordon from outside and then left the area with no harm to security guards.
  • India - Dali Lama announces a visit to Tibet, urging calm in the region and an end to the violence against China.
  • Austin, Texas, USA - Military arms cache raided by unknown individual, sources have said that the suspect was "living shadow"
  • China passes legislation for compulsory registration of Aberrants.
  • Egyptian Government denies a strike team was sent into the Giza containment area.
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