Notable letters to the team members:Edit

Matthew Levec:Edit

  • A non-urgent request to contact Major Walters of Project HEART.
  • Various replies from the Novas of the world (See the Other Novas section)
  • Requests to heal a vast number of people, ranging from the old and poor to the rich and wealthy.
  • Requests from various acquaintances to help them out with money, drugs, work and similar.

Nasreem Kadisha:Edit

  • An offer from the Church of Scientology to "unlock your Quantum potential" through Dianetics
  • Designs for a space elevator from the ESA.
  • A hand drawn picture of some bad-guys carrying candy canes instead of guns, obviously drawn by a young girl

James Swain:Edit

  • A request to provide a dramatic performance for the 2020 Olympic Argentina
  • A request to look into your eyes with a high powered lens to observe the stars
  • Requests to rescue various people from Sailsbury.
  • A photograph of a design scrawled on the side of a sandstone block.
  • A developer and nightclub owner from Ibiza wants to talk to you about endorsing a new club intended to cater especially to Nova needs. 
  • A request for child support from somebody you don't know.
  • A non-specific threat to destroy London with a Nuclear bomb unless all Novas vacate England immediately.
  • Another death threat.
  • A request from an MEP asking you for help in drafting new legislation for a Nova Registration act.
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