The story so far:Edit

Session 1: The discovery - Each of the characters stumbles across an ancient structure with a figure imprisoned within, They each release the captive and gain great power.

Session 2: Unification - A fourth individual named Carlos brings the team together and they meet up in the UK, where their existence is revealed to the world.

Session 3: Taken in and supported by the Government they are asked to help investigate Salisbury, where they find a land out of time and escape just in time.

Session 4: Recovering from Salisbury they each try to take back their lives in their own ways and end up helping the police with a drug bust that rapidly gets out of hand.

Session 5: Investigations, recovery and a flight to Cairo and the Giza Anomally. In which much science is attempted and the nature of the plagues is examined.

Session 6: The team explored the Giza anomaly with the aid of Project HEART. Putting a lid on the sarchophagus, but failing to stop the anomaly.

Session 7: Recouperating the team spoke at length with Mr Eco (Head of Project UTOPIA) and helped decide on setting up of Rashound centres and Team INSPIRE

Session 8: Moving to London the team made further plans and a public speech to invite any Novas to join them, but this was interupted by an assassination attempt.

Session 9: The team staying in London met the Ambassador from Tibet and Mr Black (A diplomat of Hell) as well as giving the originally intended speech.

Session 10: The team descended into Hell with the hopes of stopping Carlos, they found Hell to amplify and spread their own thoughts out, making even conversation difficult without overwhelming each others minds. They tried to talk Carlos out of his acts, but he saw himself as a saviour, rescuing minds that could not stand the constant stimulation. They escaped with 

Session 11: Matthew fought Project Utopia in a sheduled match and they decided to liberate Tibet. They crossed the boarder without incident and made their way to Mount Kaliash, but found that the Liberator and Karma were both further East on the front lines against China.

Finale: Intent on finding and speaking to The Great Liberator about how they could best aid Tibet, the team piled into a Landrover from a town at the base of Mount Kaliash and set off after the Free Tibettan Army. Along the road they accidentally triggered a Taliban IED (Which killed their driver and badly mangled the characters) from the wrong direction and ended up in a brief gun-fight.with a splinter of the Tibettan free army and their Taliban allies. Continuing on with a new driver, they encountered a military convoy in the distance, abandoned their car in the road and hid inside an illusionary sand dune in the otherwise flat plane of the Gobi desert. Matthew launched up and grabbing one tank flew up in the air before two of the Chinese 30mm guns cut him down, causing the first tank to crash onto the second one, eliminating all of the convoys heavy armour. James increased Nasreen's speed to three times the human norm, and she lept up onto one of the lead vehicles, threw the commander around and used the machine guns to attack the rest of the convoy. However she was quickly overwhelmed by superior firepower and was finally taken down when a grenade landed in the vehicle. James on the other hand tried a few illusions including a low-flying plane and a giant sand golem. However when they threatened to kill Matthew, James surrendered. The soldiers captured them and patched them up. Taking them by truck back the way they came. However the Free Tibettan Army ambushed the convoy. James managed to talk their leader into surrendering, but not before the commander had sent video footage of the attack to his superiors and this had been spread to many others. When the Liberator (an androgynous burning white form) met them, she looked exhausted and broken, but guided the PCs back to Mount Kaliash to recover. When they woke up nearly a week or two later the war in Tibet was going poorly, the UN had officially sanctioned Project Utopia for Matthew's involvement in China and Project HEART was being shut down. Worse still, anti-nova sentiment saw a dramatic rise, with indications that China (unable to hold captured Novas) had used an imported drug to temporarily remove their powers. With the anti-Nova sentiment in mind they sought spiritual purificationa and ascended the mountain to find the power that dwelt there (Guarded by a number of things that looked like floating warrior-angels.) Each ascended, but Nasreen was first to be afflicted. Her mind leaked uncontrollably into the people around her, but blessed her with tremendous power. James followed her up and tried to help by possessing her body, but he too fell prey to the sensations of unearthly power and megalomania. Matthew finally followed up and spoke to the angels who advised him to use his power as only he knew best, affirming that he was meant to act on the world.

They came down from the mountain invigourated and changed. Matthew decided that he was disapointed in Humans and decided not to continue with the UN. Nasren on the other hand felt disapointed in Earth and wanted to set up a permenant collony on Mars and James decided that China was too dangerous and that he should replace the Chinese Premier and sabotage China from within.

Matthew got Rachael Paxman to agree to video his "liberation" of oppressed Novas.Nasreen made a start on an Arctic base and they eventually met in Addias Ababba, where protestors had gathered outside of the Utopia compound. Together they planned a raid to liberate the Novas captured in China and learnt of a Chinese satelite based weapon. The raid went smoothly when James warped everybody in and accellerated several of them in time, even taking the effort to save enemy soldiers so they could be healed.

They flet to the new Antarctic base where plans were made first for a Mars base and then eventually collonisation of a distant world that they named Eden.

Shortly afterward, 6 Novas were killed by a FAE bomb at a staging ground in Australia. John Nguyen retaliated with the satelite weapon, using it against the airforce base that launched the bomb. The situation escalated with an insistence from many nations of Nova registration.

James impersonated the Chinese Premier successfully long enough to get access to vital systems of government. He erased all debts held by China (erasing records of those debts) and struck the Parliment building with the Satelite weapon and then destroying it. In the chaos the army took control and the new Chinese Protectorate, agreed upon boarders with TIbet.

Matthew led the Utopia army for many years against various governments that tried to constrain Novas and a Nova-organisation that tried to oppose him called the Terragen who believed that humans and Novas should work together, Until the USA issued an ultimatum. Novas should leave (for the Eden collony) or they would turn Earth to irradiated glass. The remaining Novas left peacefully and eventually the gates faded only to re-emerge on Eden.

The world will be forever changed by the coming of these people.

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